Materials Calculator

Sand and Gravel

  • Winter Sand

    Our sand meets road and highway specifications.


    Used for traction on roads and pedestrian walkways, can be used on all outdoor hard surfaces.

  • Filter Sand

    Our sand is approved for septic systems and other filtering applications.


    Septic systems, bunker sand, landscaping, pipe bedding. Also used around foundations

  • A Gravel

    This product compacts very well and is an excellent top layer for driveways, walkways and roads.

  • B Gravel

    Especially good in wet areas, it is an excellent base for all construction projects, because it stays firm and compacted, yet drains well.

  • Granite screenings

    A crushed and screened granite product with a maximum 1/4″ size. Like limestone screenings, it it has excellent leveling properties for placing patio stones and interlocking brick.

  • Masonry sand

    Designed for use in the mixing of mortar for brick and block applications, this product can also be used for setting walkways and patio stones.