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Our attractive variety of products is sure to exceed your expectations, while finding a balance between function and beauty!

  • Our granite sand is low in dirt and dust without containing any clay. Medium to light tan coloured sand is ideal for most applications. Excellent filtering properties. Our Pea Gravel is a washed stone product. It is very colourful with smooth edges and irregular shapes. This product will deliver lots of shine with a high quartz content.

  • Our natural granite boulders are very versatile and beautiful. With a variety of sizes to choose from, each distinctive boulder offers an interesting shape, pattern and color with a smooth and shiny finish.

  • Our stones are thoroughly washed to display their rich color. Well eroded with lines and patterns that make each rock unique, with a round and smooth texture.

  • Our bagged products offer the same beauty and quality as our bulk decorative stone, in the convenience of a 15kg bag. Each bag contains stone that has been well washed to show the beauty of the rocks inside.